Rates & Fees

The table below outlines the margins and upfront fees for the Hanscom Federal Credit Union Private Student Loan. Please see the explanation following the table to understand what the borrower is responsible for paying.

Loan Grade Loan Margin Base Rate* (Prime) Interest Rate
Platinum Honors 3.25% 3.25% 6.50%
Platinum Plus 5.25% 3.25% 8.50%
Gold Honors 7.25% 3.25% 10.50%
Gold Plus 8.25% 3.25% 11.50%
Silver Honors 9.25% 3.25% 12.50%
Silver Plus 10.25% 3.25% 13.50%

NOTE: There is a 6.00% floor on the loan rate. If the Base Rate + Loan Margin is less than 6.00%, the loan rate will be 6.00%.

* The Base Rate adjusts quarterly on the first day of January, April, July and October. We use the Prime Rate, as reported by the Wall Street Journal on the 1st of the month proceeding the change date.

What do I pay as a borrower?

Loan Interest Rate: Interest Rate = Base Rate + Margin

We will show you the loan APR before you approve the loan request. The APR takes into account all the fees you pay including the upfront fee and should be used when comparing the Hanscom Federal Credit Union Loan to other private student loans.

What is a ACS Grade?

ACS (Academic Credit Score) Grade is a designation assigned to each loan request to assess borrower creditworthiness using a proprietary credit scoring model. ACS Grades are unique because, unlike many other scores, the ACS takes into account not only the credit bureau data, but also the student’s academic characteristics such as GPA, course of study, and class standing.